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Dr. Sambit Patnaik.

MBBS, PGDHHM, MS-General Surgery
Minimal Invasive Coloproctologist & Surgeon

Dr. Sambit Patnaik is the Founder of MUMBAI PILES CLINIC, which is dedicated to the best patient centric care for Piles, Fissure and Fistula.

He is ably assisted by his team of surgeons, anesthesiologists and para medical staff to ensure best results for the surgical procedures performed by the team.

‘Awarded the best colorectal surgeon by the Union Minster of Health and Family Welfare in 2015’, Dr. Sambit Patnaik, is one of India’s best Coloproctologist and Colorectal Surgeons having co-conceptualized coloproctology surgeries in India for over a decade.

He is amongst the finest Surgeons in Mumbai for Piles/ Fissure/ Fistula treatment specializing in minimal invasive and laser surgery for conditions of the ano- rectal region.


Dr. Sambit Patnaik passed his MBBS from the SCB Medical College under Utkal University, Orissa in 2004 and his MS in General Surgery from MGM Institute of Medical Sciences, Navi Mumbai in 2010. He is registered as a General Surgeon in the Maharashtra Medical Council. Today he concentrates in anorectal subspecialty. As a leading Proctologist, he has an overall experience of over 15 years (including 9 years as a specialist).

His latest minimal invasive surgeries like LHP and HELP for hemorrhoids/piles, Laser Sphincterolysis for fissures and FILAC for fistulas and EPSIT for Pilonidal sinus set a benchmark in the treatment of rectal diseases.

He has introduced to India, ‘hemorrhoidolysis’, the world’s best treatment for piles/ hemorrhoids. This technique offered by Ultroid Inc.,Tampa, Florida, USA is marked as the No.1 anorectal treatment worldwide. This technique offered by Dr. Patnaik at has in fact placed him on the Ultroid Physician map not only in India but also in the entire Asia Pacific region.

Advanced laser treatment for piles fissures and fistulas is Dr. Sambit Patnaik’s specialty. As India’s leading Proctologist, he brings his expertise on latest LASER based treatments for anorectal conditions.

Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chembur, Mumbai also provide endoscopy and colonoscopy.



Make an online payment of 1000/- by NEFT, IMPS, UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, AC transfer to Dr Sambit Patnaik on phone number 9769102134.


 Share payment screenshot on Whatsapp +919769102134. And, Do teleconsultation/ pre check up history on Whatsapp with Dr Sambit Patnaik.


Take appointment of CLINIC visit for video consultation with Dr Sambit Patnaik and physical check up at same time with Dr Vishal. This is free and complimentary to Whatsapp teleconsultation. No charges on clinic visit after you have paid for teleconsultation prior to it.


Once diagnosis is done, Dr Sambit Patnaik would offer treatment. If it's medicine then you shall get a prescription. If it is surgery then you will be booked for same on weekdays that Dr Sambit Patnaik is operating. Also cashless/insurance shall be processed accordingly.


Since we are operating at Mumbai Piles Clinic located at Apollo Spectra hospital, Chembur/Tardeo which is a Non Covid hospital, we maintain the status by Covid 19 RTPCR testing of all patients atleast 48 hours prior to surgery.


Given this scenario we suggest you do a teleconsultation and clinic check up and be ready well in advance. For more advice call on 9820074383

Please note: Dr Sambit Patnaik is only performing surgery in alternate weeks. In the interval weeks he is offering video consultation and clinic visit for video counselling with check up from Dr Vishal, assistant surgeon


What Have we have been certified?

  • Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) as an International 3 member

  • European Society of Coloproctology

  • Association of Colon and Rectal Surgeons of India (ACRSI)

  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)

  • Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)

Happy Patient

Till date Dr. Sambit Patnaik and his team have helped a number of patients from around the world to relieve their suffering from disorders of the anal region.

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